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Roy Johnson

Lit and addicting

Good premise, poor execution

Another “bust through a series of progressively tougher walls by finding the weakest section” game, with a big problem: there isn’t enough space between walls. Since you’re constantly shooting, you begin to shoot at (I.e. weaken) the wall section you’re heading towards before it becomes visible on the screen(at least, this is the case on iPad). That means that by the time you can see which wall section is the weakest, you’ve already damaged the section you’re heading at so much that it’s pointless to try to move over! Also, as other reviews have mentioned, it’s disappointing that the difficulty of the walls scales with you, resulting in very short games. Uninstalling after ~15 minutes.


It’s like a game that has a competition to get your balls faster and get as far as u can in this game u focused and considerate it goes to like 4 to 100000000 the higher you get the best of your score but is is super fun keep up the good work love your games👏🙂


Fire Up! Is a really addictive game that makes you want to succeed which is really good for a game. I just started a couple of days ago but I’m already loving it. Fire Up! Deserves 5 stars.

Game stop building pattern

As I continue to advance, using double shooter, I get to 250k roughly and the game stops building pattern. You have to intentionally crash to get the points. This need to be fixed!


Love it


Great game need a update. sometimes the blocks stop showing up and I have to reset

Great but crashes

Once you get to a billion the game crashes and doesn’t record your score



Keeps freezing up

I had this app before the latest update, and the latest update has been glitching and freezing up. It won’t let me click anything or scroll or anything. I have to get off of the app and waste all the points that I had just collected.

Fun game

Very fun game have been playing for months. Would like to see easier level ups and stronger level ups. Think it would make he game more fun rather than playing for days to get one upgrade.

Good Game

The game is great but it seems that after a while the game stops loading the blocks and it just shoots but hits nothing.

Bad game

There are many damages in the game


It is really great but if the ads could be reduced a little I would give this a five. Thanks for making the game.❤️😊

Interface is horrible. Ads are suffocating.

Don’t they test? Adverts cover up icons. No explanations. Seems fun. I’ll keep trying to figure it out but I’m losing interest fast. It’s quicker to double tap the home button, swipe up to close the game, and then click the app to restart it than waiting for the 30 second advert. And since it’s a fast paced, quick to die game...i do this every time.

Tooo much advertisement

Tooooooo much advertisement even if you skip them. The price too much for the game $2.99


Really hard

UPDATE: Your update broke it

Ever since your “miner” update the game will randomly stop producing blocks and the ship continues on its marry way forever firing at nothing. All progress is lost because you have to close the app. I’ve already deleted the game (I thought my progress was synced in iCloud but apparently it’s not, which really made me mad) in an attempt to see if it was something on my end. I’m using an iPhone X. Even after the update a couple of days ago it still is broken and does the same thing... This update didn't fix it either (July 18)

Such a wonderful game

I loved this game so much. This was the most addicting game. If you could add an upgrade for your turret to go faster if you could do that I will do 5 star rating. Please comment if you’ll do that. That would be the best!

Amazing Game!

I love this game I’ve been playing for 2 years now but the only bad thing about it is that there are a lot of ads but other than the fact that there are a lot of ads it’s an amazing game! You should get the game

Love game

I love this game soooooooooooo😌👅🤣

Needs improvement

I like the game but it gets boring.

Fun game but ads make it run slow

It’s a fun and addicting game but it drowns you in ads. Accidentally die in the first two seconds here is a 30 second ad for you to watch. Oh you don’t want to watch a ad to double your points? okay, here’s a ad anyway.

Easy game

When I got this it was fun and easy later on it was harder and harder but for me still kinds easy.


Game lags a bit when a lot is going on. But it is pretty fun!

Forced to accept Voodoo’s t.o.s.

A pop up that won’t go away unless you consent to Voodoo using your data. DELETE!

Love it

Love it





Great way to waste some time.

Fun but every once in a while I have to close the game to start over. There shooter is continuing up but no more blocks to shoot.

Cool game

This is a game that I play while waiting in line for something or want to take my mind off of something. Stimulates the mind! The only problem I have is that there are times where the game glitches out, and I’m left with no blocks to shoot. Only a blank screen.


This game use to be GREAT! I use to play it constantly. Would get billions of points every game YES, billions. Now it’s constantly laggy, freezing, and glitching. Anytime I get over 100 million points they go back to 90, then the blocks stop coming. HOW did you guys mess this game up?! Seriously.

Fire up!

Score 50K




I just can’t believe how my high score was over 1.5k😂😂😂

It’s fun

It’s also pretty addictive

Fix the new update

Fix the game already, I'm stuck at 1.8 million, now I can’t get past 200k because there are no more blocks and I have to quit the game!


Many bugs with the game. Blocks disappear, effectively ending the game and needs to be restarted.

The best ever

I love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My kids even love to play this.

This game is great BUT

This game is great but my game is totally different than my friends game? I can’t change my shooter? I can’t upgrade my shooting pattern? It’s like I got stuck with the old version and it won’t let me update? HELP

Good game

Your games is ok


great fun addicting




Unhappy due to adds, I’d payed for the adds to go away and they did but after a couple of months they came back!

Alec’s 345


Not working

App doesn’t work

Cool game

I love it

This game is ok

Good game but to many adds


Its good


I like it a bit

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