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This is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!


This game is fun in the beginning but after you level up and keep leveling up there is no way to advance to higher levels. The block level up too when you do so you are stuck at the same spot all the time👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼


I understand the need for advertising, but this app is over the top. There is more ad time then game time. And I know I could buy the game, but this made me not want to as it just seems desperate.

Game Updates

Love the game it’s super fun but, i have friends that play it and they already have different shooters and different colored balls. I see the button where they push it to go to those settings but for me it still says coming soon. I have tried updating and nothing changed. I’m still confused about this

Ehhh! You will loose interest in a week.

Even though this game can be fun and can be used to waste some time, it has a major limitation in that it is not a game of strategy. No matter how good you are at the game or how many upgrades you make there comes a point in each round where you will not be able to proceed. Each round how far you go is determined on whatever blocks randomly show up, but then it will get to the point where no matter what power up you have or how well you have been playing the next block will be just too much for you to blast through, and your round is over. This sometimes happen at the beginning of the game and sometimes later on. I am deleting the game. Especially since there are so many other players reporting the same thing and nothing is being done about it.

The higher you increase your power and guns, the harder the game gets.

Read title please.

Good but—

The game was really good until they changed it and made it extremely difficult to get further than the fifth bar.. Either way, I still love it. It gets me more annoyed than Candy Crush though, lol.

Crazy addicted

Love this game!!!


Good game

You can get high scores without doing a single thing

This game is awful—you can literally move the shooter all the way to one side and let it be, and you will get a high score. Then you can upgrade, do the same thing, and you’ll get an even higher score! Oh yes, marvelous game! I don’t understand how this game got such good reviews, there’s obviously a problem with the design.

Coming soon???

How long do we wait for the new shooters????


It was litttyyy


The game has zero progression. A time sink, nothing more. Got boring after five minutes.

Cannon upgrade doesn’t unlock on iPhone 7 Plus

On the main screen where it says “Coming Soon!” never unlocks on iPhone 7 Plus. I have a friend that plays on iPhone 6 and 8 Plus and it’s unlocked on both of theirs straight from the download.


If your doing something all you have to Is just leave it and it will still go till you die


I just got the game and so did my friend. I think it is great but my friend gets the option where you get to choose your type of shooter. Mine still says coming soon. Please resolve Best regrets Seth

This can hardly be called a game.

There is no skill expression. There's basically nothing you can do to get better at the game and there is no real progression. The distance you reach will always be very similar and the upgrades only make the points bigger.


Cool game

Fun game, needs more progression

Currently the game maxes out at 2.15 billion points it takes under a minute to get there once you get upgrades? Glitch or not let’s get it fixed

Fun but...

Fun game but leveling up is pointless so game losses it’s appeal and becomes boring


Great game but so many dang ads

Max points?

Would rate this higher if the points didn’t max out at 2.15 Billion. What’s the point?

Max Score?

It only goes up to 2.15B? I can keep upgrading the power and speed but my score is stuck at 2.15B. Even if I hit more blocks the score doesn’t change. I guess the game is over at that point.


The coming soon box won’t unlock



2 Words

I’m... Obsessed.

Too many ads

I get you’re trying to make money, but when the ads you use overload my phone and I’m unable to play the game without restarting the app every single time, it doesn’t make me want to purchase the ad free version. It makes me uninstall your game.


Good game but just too many ads, it’s ridiculous

Point Cap Hit Way Too Easily

This game is fairly entertaining. It’s way too easy and you cap out way too fast. I got to a point, after playing for about an hour, where I could leave myself in the middle of the screen, walk away for 30 minutes, come back, and still be alive. There’s also a cap on your points (2.15B), which makes no sense at all when you can upgrade an unlimited amount of times.

such potential

it seemed like such a fun game until it literally would have an ad EVERY SINGLE time you died

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Very good

Very good!!!

Very often AD's! Annoying!

Because of the tooo often AD's my game starts lagging 24.7! And I lose speed,accuracy,focus,aiming abilities. For that mistake you guys lost 2 stars in ratings for adding AD's tooo frequent... There is an update I like to offer to be added till next mouth! Add daily bonuses for up to 15 days(at the end something special like 500k-1m points to update the firing, points every 1-3 days like(100k, day one day 3,300k, day6 500k, day 9 500k day 12 1m points, day 15 1-1.5-2m points something like that! and the missing out days think of something to replace them with they all could be all point bonus but all has to be daily!(his is a rule I would recommend adding to the details of new update!(if missed 48 hours not claiming reward it resets to day 1! Important thing!

Ehhh could be wayyyy better

Could be a lot better. Once you reach top points of 200k it’s impossible to get pass and leveling up takes forever once you reach a certain point. This app on android called fire upp is similar but better because the game levels appropriate


Great game

Fire up

This game is so addictive and I can't stop playing it, there should be something added to it🔥👆


App is super jumpy since last update. Can barely make it past first few rows of tiles without exploding.


To many ads

Good game

Perfect game

حلوه بس

مخرب العبه كثر الاعلانات

Fun game needs improvements

This game will get super laggy when you're at 5 blocks across. If there's not an update soon I will be deleting.

No iPhone X support over a month after launch

Otherwise I’d pay to remove ads and rate it higher


funnest game ever, i’m addicted to it


My high score is 51.60k 😀


This game is outstanding

Ya don’t waste time

The adds I keep repeatedly seeing says only 1% of players could reach 10K points ya I was past that in less then 5 minuets and that was only because the game speed is slow and any time u start to get to high it will throw out a wall of impossible high numbers basically saying ya ur done now go back to main menu and upgrading is useless because for every one u do the bricks just get that much stronger from the start


Definitely has its flaws. And it’s really impossible to get far in a round. But I’m addicted. I can play for hours. Mostly why I gave it three stars. It’s like crack.

I’m pretty sure I broke the game!

I when I saw the add pop up I instantly wanted this game.The add also said only 1% of people make it to 5k so I said challenge accepted.And boy did I beat that! I made a personal record of 2.6 billion points or money or whatever the heck you want to call it! After that my game refused to let me go any higher. I have screenshots as proof but when I try posting them they’re to big and don’t work.Plz add mor shooters, different colors, and a higher point cap. Also please tell me what percent of people have gotten 1 billion or above. And if you do add another tank i have an idea for one. It’s called the hex wing, it has six cannons and it spins. And for a new color you should add maybe a dark matter color or something realistic. You should also add a tank creator where you can create your own tank by finding random parts as your score gets higher and higher. Hope you actually read this so i didn’t waste 10 mins typing this.

Great game

I love this game so much

Excellent game

I love the game a lot it’s really fun and addictive but I have a question and it is when is the bubble tank coming out?

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